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Journal of Archives in Military Medicine: Dec 2017, 5 (4), 7 articles.
Review Article
Leigh G. Cooper, Suresh J. Antony
Kuru, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD), Gerstmann-Straussler-Scheinker syndrome, and fatal familial insomnia are a group of transmissible, progressive, and ultimately lethal neurodegenerative disorders caused by prion diseases. Prion disease may present in sporadic, inherited, and acquired forms. Fewer new cases of CJD are presenting themselves compared to the 1990’s ... read more
Research Article
Masarat Ayat, Mohammad Sharifi
Today, there are different benchmarks created to evaluate the maturity of hospital information systems, however, until very recently, there was no reference framework or model to evaluate these system. In the end, a universally famous model called the electronic medical record adoption model appeared as a cornerstone ... read more
Research Article
Zahra Hami, Ramin Zibaseresht
Quinoline and its variety of derivatives have long been studied for their biological activities such as anticancer, antitumor, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties.As part of our research, we are interested in the synthesis and development of heterocyclic compounds such as quinoline derivatives and poly-pyridyl materials that might have ... read more
Research Article
Zahra Farsi
Evidence shows that people, including healthcare providers, use different coping strategies to cope with life changes and the resulting stress. War causes mortality, loss of health, and long-term physical and psychological complications for military staff, civilians, and healthcare providers. Both pleasant and unpleasant changes in human life ... read more
Research Article
Mohammad Barati, Mahdi Fakhar, Shirzad Gholami, Bahman Rahimi Esboei, Taher Elmi
Diarrheal disease is one of the most common problems that affected deployed military personnel during operations and maneuvers. Giardia (G.) lamblia is one of the causes of parasitic diarrhea in humans. There are very few therapeutics agents with unpleasant adverse effects available for treating giardiasis. Stachys lavandulifolia ... read more
Research Article
Esmaeil Zarghami, Faezeh Dadras, Nafiseh Hoseini Yekta
People with various mental and physical features show different favorites to colors. The relationship between individual features of humans and their propensities to circumstantiality of color have been evaluated in psychological discussions. According to the generality of concept of temperament and covering physical and mental features of ... read more
Zahra Farsi